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PostSubject: RULES FOR TEAM & WARS   RULES FOR TEAM & WARS EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 12:10 pm

Table Of Contents: 
I: Registering and Joining a Team 
II: Registering a War 
III: War Formats
IV: General Match Rules 
V: During a War
VI: Activity
VII: Disputes
VIII: Disconnections
IX: War Bans
X: Disbanding a Team
I: Registering and Joining a Team
·         A team may only have 6-13 total members
·         Members may only be on one Team's Roster at a time
·         The Captain must do the following:
o    Step 1: Click the "Teams & Wars" tab
o    Step 2: Create your team in the “Teams” section of the tab.
o    Step 3: Fill out the team creation form appropriately.
o    *Some notes about the form*
o    Make sure to give your team an abbreviation in the title of your topic For Example [PTS] Professional Twerk Squad
o    Your abbreviation needs to have logical connection to the team's name.
o    For example
o    [PUB] The Admins: PUB is an inappropriate abbreviation.
o    [EX] The Exile: EX is an appropriate abbreviation.
o    Member count is restricted as by the current Dueling Network War Rules, this means you cannot have a member count of more than 13 in your team.
·         To Join a Team:
·         Step 1: Click the "Teams & Wars" tab
·         Step 2: Click the “Free Agent & Recruitment” tab
·         Step 3: Click the team that you wish to join that is in that “Free Agent & Recruitment” tab
·         Step 4: Add any notes needed for that specific team's application, or why you wish to join. NOTE: This will vary team by team
·         Step 5: A Captain or Co-Captain of that team must then approve your Application in order for you to join the team.
II: Registering a War
· All wars must follow the respective Advanced Format Banlists without changes (cannot restrict Decks, archetypes, etc.)
· Make sure that both teams have agreed to the war before making a post.
·  Sending the Challenge: To send the challenge to the opposing team, P.M. both the leader and co-leader telling them that you would like to war their team. After sending the challenge, it is now up to the opposing team to accept the challenge. The opposing team leader and co-leader will each receive a notification of the new challenge and can view all the details you have outlined and accept or decline at any time. If a challenge is accepted, a new topic will be created in the "Wars" section of the tab which you can use to keep track of the war. Once the war is completed, you are required to pm a War Adjucator so that they can then complete the war.
III: War Formats
·         Hearts
o    Minimum 5 players from each side with a maximum of 10 players from each side. No subs in the Initial Roster
o    The amount of Hearts will equal the amount of total players (maximum 20.)
o    Players can challenge any opponent.
o    When a player loses, their Team loses a Heart.
o    The first Team to reach 0 Hearts loses.
·         Crossfire
o    Minimum 5 players from each side with a maximum of 10 players from each side with 2 subs.
o    Players can challenge any opponent.
o    A player who loses a match is eliminated.]
o    The first Team to reach 0 remaining players loses.
·         Double Crossfire
o    Minimum 5 players from each side with a maximum of 10 players from each side with 2 subs.
o    Players can challenge any opponent.
o    A player who loses 2 matches is eliminated.
o    (Subs with 1 lost match can only replace players with 1 lost match.)
·         The first Team to reach 0 remaining players loses.
IV: General Match Rules
·         All matches are best 2 out of 3 with side-decking allowed.
·         Both rosters must have the same amount of players and subs
·         Players may only be subbed with Official Subs for the war.
·         For ruling disputes, look up the ruling and show what you find
·         If conflicting sources are found, please contact DN administrator for ruling assistance.
V: During a War

  • Deck Locking

    • Deck locking means that if a player wins a match, he is required to use that exact deck until the next match loss they incur.

  • After each match, one player must post the results. Confirmation from the opponent, while not necessary, is advised. (Always take screenshots of your victories; you may be asked for them.) Any instances of falsify war results will be punished.

  • If the official Banlist changes, the war continues with the initial Banlist.

  • If new cards are released or game rules change, the war continues using the cardpool and rules it started with.

  • Using an OCG exclusive card during a TCG duel and vice versa constitutes an illegal card error and warrants a game loss.

  • When Deck locking is enabled, changing Decks after a won match constitutes an illegal Deck error and warrants a game loss. Afterwards, the Deck is switched for the correct one and the match continues.

  • If your opponent includes an illegal card in their Deck or a Deck error has occurred, screenshot the situation and inform your opponent of the issue. Your opponent receives a game loss and must side out the illgeal card(s) or in case of Deck error must change the Deck before proceeding with the next duel of the match.

    • If an illegal card issue is reported after the match is complete, the result of the match will not be overturned. The deck in question will be turned over to a WA, where the necessary changes will need to be made using cards from the side deck. If the card is an extra deck card, then it is to be removed and not replaced.

    • If an illegal deck issue is reported after a match is complete, the result of the match will be nullified pending further investigation by the War Adjudicator Team.

VI: Activity

  • In order for a war to be considered active, at least one match must be played per 5 days.

  • After the 4th day, an activity warning will be issued to the war.

    • Failure to continue will result in the ending of the war.

  • If the war continues, then the limit to an inactivity warning is decreased to 48 hours.

    • Remember, the purpose of this is to keep wars active. Abusing this will result in action taken against the offender(s).

  • Ending a War due to the 5-day inactivity may not be reversed.

  • If a war is not complete by the 25 day deadline, you may contact a War Adjudicator to grant you a one-time extension

VII: Disputes

  • If a player has to go during a duel, they forfeit it upon leaving. If a player has to go in between duels of a match (during siding), it may continue later,

    • Before a player leaves a War duel, both players should screenshot their deck and send their screenshots to 2 or more War Adjudicators in order to guarantee decks were not edited

    • If screenshots are not submitted, the returning player may not side for the next game

  • In Double Crossfire, if one of the players has 2 Lives, that player may start another match with another opponent, using the Deck they're locked with if applicable; to do so in Hearts format, a player's Team must have at least H+1 remaining Hearts, where H is the number of total pending matches (if there are only H remaining Hearts for either Team, no other matches can start until the pending ones are finished).

    • Deck locks persist until the pending matches are lost (if applicable)

  • If a situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you may contact a War Adjudicator. Please be patient when waiting and explain the situation carefully.

  • War Adjudicators MAY request deck checks in order to enforce Deck Locks as necessary

  • Players and War Adjudicators must follow the KDE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT DOCUMENTS.


IX: War Bans
·         War bans may be issued by the War Adjudication team for improper conduct.
·         War Bans are defined as the following
o    You may not participate on ANY teams on NDA
o    You may not continue to duel in ANY wars on NDA
·         The following are inexcusable conduct during wars, and will result in a War Ban
o    Modifying your deck by pre-siding or changing the main or extra deck in any fashion while you are deck-locked for the purpose of gaining advantage over the opponent.
o    Submitting false War Match results either by forging screens or simply lying to a War Adjudicator.
o    Attempting to be active on multiple teams at the same time.
o    Attempting to impersonate a War Adjudicator
o    Any other applicable action found improper by the War Adjudicator team.
·         All War Bans are permanent unless otherwise mandated.
X: Disbanding a Team
·         To disband your team:
o    First, the Team Leader must forfeit all wars the team is currently participating in.
§  Remember, this is permanent! Your team may not rejoin the wars after you choose to forfeit.
§  In addition, all statistics for your team are wiped clean upon doing so.
o    Second, tell each of your members that the team is disbanding.
o    Finally, tell a War Adjucator or an Admin that you are disbanding your team so they can lock that topic and disband your team officially.
o    When a team is disbanded, the current wars that team are in have to stop so the War Adjucators can announce who the winner of the wars are.
*Credit goes to DNF and there Warbook*

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